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STIA Plus is a catalyst for in-depth conversations on topics that matter to the STIA community. Our goal is to introduce intriguing concepts and explore their viability by incorporating your expertise and feedback. So jump in, give us your two cents, and help sculpt the systems thinking landscape.

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Call for Speakers

We are looking for exciting and engaging speakers. We have an amazing line-up for the Open Space marketplace already but we are still looking for more hidden gems. The conference theme for this year is STIA Mashup – Systems Thinking + Temenos + Individuation + Agility.

Contact us at to submit your proposal and participate in the Open Space speaker / topic selection process.

Speakers must be registered as attendees to submit proposals.

If you would like to read more about Open Space Conferencing, please refer to this wikipedia page link on Open Space or refer to Harrison Owen’s webpage on Open Space for Peace. Harrison also provides an excellent Brief Guide to Open Space.

All speaking proposals will be reviewed prior to being given the greenlight for submission into the Bulletin Board. This screening is to ensure the message and content of the talk fits with the overall theme of the conference and the quality of the talk is in line with what STIA conference – goers expect .

Bulletin Board @ (Oct 21 onwards)

The STIA PLUS community will decide what speaker / session they want to see presented at STIA 2013. Our Moderators and registered STIA 2013 attendees will offer suggestions on how to make a session proposal even better, offer new ideas, even offer to co-speak with you and say which session proposal they’re most interested in engaging. Yes, unregistered attendees can also comment!

So, speakers, you need to be open to feedback from the community, and be willing to adapt to provide the best possible session experience.

FYI, Attendees, Speakers and Commenters – you will need a DISQUS user id to participate in this online Bulletin Board.

STIA Ready Sessions

The Speakers and the Community will co-create STIA Ready Sessions that enable engaging and inspiring conversations and result in meaningful learning and action.

STIA 2013 Conference Open Space Marketplace

Whether this is your first time attending an Open Space conference, or you’re an old hat at it, there’s one thing that’s for sure. It’s magic. And, this time we will yield to the master magician Harrison as he guides us thru the Open Space ceremonies.

Please see Harrison Owen’s Brief Guide to Open Space for an excellent explanation of Open Space Technology.