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Can we light up the world? And in doing so put America and much of the rest of the world to work responsibly? Energy Technology will change the world more than Information Technology did:: ET> IT — Yet while many energy organizations do many things well – adapting to change is not one of them.

What is the format of this topic?

A conversation sharing a small business success and reporting of work in progress building partnerships and another small business to change the way careers are launched, built and extended in ET around the world.

Where have you brought this to life before?

Athens Greece for the World Forum on Energy Regulation focused on the challenges of ET to regulation; Society for Applied Learning Technologies (SALT) focused on Adult Learning; NCCCET focused on community college curriculum and in 1:1 exchanges with Leaders in Energy; DOE Energy Advisory Committee.

Do you have the presentation on slideshare, haikudeck or prezi?


Any chance you have this on youtube or vimeo?

No Answer.

What do you feel is the heartbeat of your topic?

Fixing ET issues can fix (or screw up) so many other dimensions of global politic. In many ways the politics of Power plays itself out in Fuel, Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Markets and Regulation (F>G>T>D>M:R) and Policy every day.

How could the community collaborate with you to build your vision?

I am not sure... Clearly this is an area for Strategic Thinking...

Are you looking for sponsors, funding, grants?

There are some areas like the evolution of game play to deciding career choices and developing competencies and assessing culture fit in organizations that may be more suited and ready for funding than others...