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Can we light up the world?

Can we light up the world? And in doing so put America and much of the rest of the world to work responsibly? Energy Technology will change the world more than Information Technology did:: ET> IT — Yet while many … Read More

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Finding the Place Where Head Meets Heart

“The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being” – Amen to that CJ Kindling and connecting with that light is a fun daily practice. [I like to think about generating this … Read More

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Dreamwork: Keeping the Dream Alive

Dreams are considered a portal to the unconscious. By the unconscious, I refer to the human psyche consisting of consciousness, personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious, as referenced by Carl Jung, father of analytical psychology. Dreamwork bridges the conscious and … Read More

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Clearing Trauma and Creating Resonance with your Authentic Self

Expressing and living from our authentic selves is a worthwhile pursuit. Cultivating a relationship of self-compassion and vibrancy opens the doorway to building deeper more peaceful relationships with our families, communities and ultimately the world. But what happens when very … Read More

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Where we’ve come so far and what’s possible in transforming our organizations?: An Emergent Learning Table experience

This 2-hour [Friday morning] workshop will support deeper inquiry and hands-on practice in Emergent Learning, following the showcase presentation “What will it take to…?” Participants will build together an Emergent Learning Table around the framing question, “What will it take … Read More

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Using Before and After Action Reviews to create a heartbeat for transformation

[One hour either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning] This session is the third of three components that starts with the showcase presentation “What will it take to…?” (Thursday afternoon), followed by a two-hour session (Friday morning) on Emergent Learning Tables, … Read More

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What will it take to…?

This topic will be jointly presented by Marilyn Darling, Heidi Sparkes Guber and Jillaine Smith. This showcase presentation will introduce Emergent Learning. It will call on John Holland’s work on Complex Adaptive Systems to help answer the question: “What does … Read More

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Applying Organizational Learning to Building Capabilities

We will provide further insights into the approach we have been taking to study the development of capabilities, capability systems and the capable company. These efforts draw upon learning and change processes, and let us ask questions to participants, in … Read More

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Unpredictability of Influence: Reasons Why?

There are many reasons why and when influence can occur. However, sometimes it fails. I think there are predictable reasons why influence fails. My model for establishing the basis for influencing outcomes explores the necessary and essential elements for successful … Read More

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Profound Change….Transforming the Inner City Into a Learning Organization

i will share the ongoing work of coalition building, teaching systems thinking, presencing, design thinking, asset based community development first addressing crushing new urban poverty and its associated concentrated disadvantage in a sustainable fashion. And in the course of this … Read More

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