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Women in Leadership – A Systems Thinking Approach to Finding Solutions to the Issues

Women are consistently underrepresented at senior level in corporate, political and public sector organizations. In the UK only 2 women run FTSE100 companies and only 17% of directorships are held by women. Previous approaches to supporting women to progress do … Read More

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Conserving Carnivore Communities across Northern Botswana

Northern Botswana has one of the highest diversities of carnivores in Africa. Recently, however, Botswana reported declining wildlife populations, increasing pressures from illegal hunting, and large scale changes in land use and management policies. In response to these reports, wildlife … Read More

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Sustaining the Eco-Soc-Env System

The whole world is an EcoSocEnv System. Mankind has evolved from a limited number of people struggling to survive to the species whose large and still growing social and economic systems dominate the Earth and its environment. The expansion over … Read More

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What is Systems Thinking and why should you care?

The session provides an introduction to the concept of system and systems thinking and begins to develop an understanding of the value of developing a systemic understanding of a situation leading to a strategy that enables one to ensure problems … Read More

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Design for Engagement through Play

At a time when many social institutions are suffering a crisis of disengagement, digital and social media are attracting audiences in unprecedented numbers. The magic ingredient? Play. In play, new possibilities arise, new relationships, new openings for action. People find … Read More

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