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Expressing and living from our authentic selves is a worthwhile pursuit. Cultivating a relationship of self-compassion and vibrancy opens the doorway to building deeper more peaceful relationships with our families, communities and ultimately the world. But what happens when very real traumas pop up in our journey? Do these traumas make our authentic experience any less authentic?

Trauma can serve as a catalyst for deep connection with our authentic selves but when we get caught in the trauma loop = no bueno. Healing, or the process of becoming whole, has been likened to a hero’s journey full of unexpected twists and turns and necessitating a whole lot of courage when life kicks us in the tuckus. The self-help movement has put us front and center as the heroes of our individual journeys and has shown us the value and rewards of going into the dark to emerge with the light. But the self-help model misses a critical element in the healing process – our connection to each other within the greater systems as a whole.

Traditional societies teach the concept of the medicine wheel as a systemic approach to life in relationship to the universe as a whole. In understanding our relationship to other people, planet and the creative fire, we find that trauma almost self-resolves itself as we connect with the health in our systems and build resonance with that. This talk adapts the traditional teachings as handed down from my mentor Robert Lester and his elders. This talk will cover the basic concepts of using the medicine wheel and body-centered exercises in healing. It will investigate relationships built on reciprocity and respect with the end goal of fostering authentic communities that work towards a common goal yet honor the individual sovereignty of the members within it.

What is the format of this topic?

workshop and conversation in the traditional talking circle format if the room permits

Where have you brought this to life before?

first go for this particular scale!

Do you have the presentation on slideshare, haikudeck or prezi?


Any chance you have this on youtube or vimeo?


What do you feel is the heartbeat of your topic?

The heartbeat is the simple medicines of listening, connection, discernment and creative action. I would love to have anyone involved with this who loves connecting their heads and their hearts and witnessing and fostering that connection in others.

How could the community collaborate with you to build your vision?

would love any pre-workshop questions that we could dialogue about before/during/after the talking circle, looking forward to and open to collaboration of any sort

Are you looking for sponsors, funding, grants?

not at this time.