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Topic Description

Using music and personal anecdotes Going Feral explores the ways we unwittingly give power away and how to expand personal freedom by changing our inner monologue from one of powerless victim hood to one of heroism.

What is the format of this topic?


Where have you brought this to life before?

I'll be bringing it to life in early November in Seattle but right now it's still being revised.

Do you have the presentation on slideshare, haikudeck or prezi?

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Any chance you have this on youtube or vimeo?

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What do you feel is the heartbeat of your topic?

This is really a story about claiming personal responsibility and power over how we choose to interpret and disseminate stories, both the ones we are told by society and the ones we tell ourselves, to better claim sovereignty over our souls.

How could the community collaborate with you to build your vision?

Whelp, I've never done it before soooooo insight on to how to make it more resonate would be helpful.

Are you looking for sponsors, funding, grants?

Always. http://www.foxandphoenixrecords.com

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    Awesome! I’m looking forward to this session!