Becky Reese


Becky Reese


After 30+ years as a manager in government, I'm pursuing a PhD from Fielding Graduate University and looking forward to pursuing new interests when I retire in a couple years. My current passion is an in-person Serious Game workshop based on a System Dynamics model. The vast majority of participants report powerful learning and recommend the workshop to others. I want to study the effect of this workshop on the mental models that frame their management decisions. I'm interested in adapting this game or developing workshop games for other purposes as well. It's all about systems thinking and I'm excited to connect with like-minded folks and find possibilities. I look forward to learning about your interests and finding connections.


Fulton, MD, U.S.A.

What draws you to the STIA conference?

I've been meaning to attend the Systems Thinking in Action conference for a couple years. This year it's an easy drive from home and the timing works. I want to connect with other systems thinkers and learn what they're doing to help others think more systemically.

What are you hoping to experience?

I want to be inspired with ideas and enriched with connections to others with similar interests.

What are you most passionate about?

I get a real kick out of exposing people to systems-oriented experiences that help them understand more fully the complex interconnections in the world. So often, people behave as if there is just one cause for things and assume that change is linear. That's usually not true, and I'd love to help more people expand their views beyond the typical limitations.

How do you see transformation occurring from this conference?

Any time you get a bunch of interested, creative people together to discuss a common interest, there are likely to be interesting and useful outcomes. I'm curious to see what emerges.

What’s your bigger vision?

I would love to see a world in which education is viewed as a life-long self-directed process that can be facilitated and enhanced with resources, including people, books, info on the internet, and EXPERIENCES, both natural and guided. My vision of the future is one in which K-12 education no longer follows a factory model and people expect and are eager to continue learning as long as they live.

What needs to happen for you to evaluate this STIA+ experience as a success?

STIA will be a success for me if it expands my view of the applications of systems approaches, integrates me with a community of systems practitioners that I can continue to interact with, and inspires me to follow up on actions that advance and expand systems thinking in the broader world.