Clifford Jo


Clifford Jo


Cliff works currently as the Finance & Business Director (CFO) in a large public library in Washington State. He has over 25 years of experience in information technology, finance, project leadership, and executive management. He has run a gamut of projects and initiatives for customers, including college professors, state legislators, and the general public. Recently he’s been a co-initiator of organizational change by implementing techniques and processes that foster crucial conversations, improved performance, and a penchant for serving customers well. A lifelong learner, Cliff is currently pursuing a PhD psychology program with Pacifica Graduate Institute, with the further intent to be trained as a Jungian Analyst to explore the psychology of the unconscious and help people and organizations improve their lives, services, and meaning. As an artist, much of his drawings are surreal little by choice and even less by control; his mind goes somewhere and his hand moves in accordance with his Soul. Born to Presbyterian missionaries Cliff was raised in Tokyo, Japan. He came to the United States to attend college in 1982. He studied philosophy, physics, and computer science, and earned a masters degree in computer science.


University Place, WA, USA

How do you see transformation occurring from this conference?

When people come together and select their process for learning and craft their conference interests, they are directly creating their own transformative process in a way that makes them grow according to their needs as established both in the conscious and unconscious realms.