Heidi Sparkes Guber


Heidi Sparkes Guber


Heidi has brought decades of experience in learning-based performance and leadership to numerous non-profit, philanthropic and for-profit organizations; governmental agencies and whole communities-often in collaboration among them in search of innovative ways to deliver on the promise of their institutions. Accelerated learning and performance through simple, collective practices are at the heart of her work. She is currently conducting the ongoing emergent learning practice at Living Cities, a social innovation consortium of 22 of the world's largest financial institutions and US foundations. She is also program facilitator for the Moonshot Moment in Indian River County, Florida, a 5-year all-community breakthrough project to achieve 90% literacy in Grade 3 by 2018. Heidi serves as Chair of the Global Association of SoL Communities (www.solonline.org). She is a founding partner in Fourth Quadrant Partners and in Systems Perspectives, with whom she designed and facilitates the Coaching from a Systems Perspectives course. She is also a co-author of the Just Start online interactive course in entrepreneurial thinking and action. Heidi lives in Santa Fe with her husband Zev. They are the proud parents of Marisa, Elizabeth and Sarah Guber, whose emerging global citizenship are among their most rewarding endeavors.


Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

What draws you to the STIA conference?

The transformation and promise reflected in the event's emergence this year

What are you hoping to experience?

New levels and forms of emergent learning and generative collaboration

What are you most passionate about?

The possibility for self-realization that we hold for one another

How do you see transformation occurring from this conference?

By our conscious conservation of the things that matter and our active participation in new possibilities

What’s your bigger vision?

A world that works for everyone with no one and nothing left out

What needs to happen for you to evaluate this STIA+ experience as a success?

More elegant and effortless accomplishment of the aspirations that matter now