Jen Hunter


Jen Hunter


I am a proud and passionate applied systems thinker. I apply this passion in my life as a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, neighbour, educator, community leader, politiician, business person – in all that I do! Since my early years, I have noticed and seen patterns and connections and am drawn to the bigger picture! My professional focus has been on igniting great work in people and organizational systems in ways that delight, excite and are super fun!!! In addition to a joy for this work – I see the power and possibility of system change through global transformation. I remain hopeful about the potential for the UN, Natonal Governments to collaborate, Public Health and Public Education to guide, inform and be responsive. I am a community catalyst, a connector – the current articulation of my stand is: I celebrate the power and possibility of our collective wisdom and the GREAT WORK that comes from it! I love people and life and am a walking talking exclamation mark!


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

What draws you to the STIA conference?

The conversation, the connections, the exchange, the transformation, the joy of thinking, learning, exploring, challenging and emerging better together as a greater force for service in this world – NOW!

What are you hoping to experience?

Love, life, joy, creative tension, new ideas, differences, my own limits, new context, deeper connection between my vision for the world and life on the planet and other people's vision – fun, laughter, new ways to manifest my life energy as a powerful contribution to the world!

What are you most passionate about?

Passion! Life! Learning! People! Leadership! Living well here together! A revolution of thinking and being in my lifetime! Love! Friendship! sooooooooooooooo many things!

How do you see transformation occurring from this conference?

From listening, speaking, sharing, storytelling, making deep and powerful connections to others who want to do great work together! From being open to the possibility that transformation will occur :D

What’s your bigger vision?

I see a world where when my beautiful boy is a man he lives in a world, where a dynamic global leadership literacy exists and it part of our collective intelligence – explicitly and in a codified manner :D I see the possibility of a global system of collective leadership capacity emerging that is co-created as we all recognize and engage in this conversation as part of our transformation toward living well here together with all our relations! I am currently engage in this inquiry and look forward to connecting with others to bring this forward in the world! And – what Sirij said :D

What needs to happen for you to evaluate this STIA+ experience as a success?

I need to get engaged – stay engaged – listen – participate – do what it takes to include my husband and son in being part of this dynamic conversation – I need to get my conversation in play and be a leader and steward for this taking root in the world! I need to have fun, learn, laugh and play with my own ideas, insights, experiences, intelligence and wisdom and that of others at the conference! YAY!