Matt Sadinsky


Matt Sadinsky


That sucking sound you hear is knowledge leaving the energy industry around the Globe. Matt Sadinsky is owner and CEO of Prequalified Ready Employees for Power PReP Intl (since 2009); and founded and served as CEO/Chairman of SOS Intl from 2002-2012. SOS brought multi-modal TM content delivery to over 11,000 operators and engineers at over 1100 utilities. Every one now faces critical talent issues. Prequalified Ready Employees for Power Intl (PReP Intl) launched in 2009 matches veterans, experts and pros to “hot jobs” in Energy Technology (ET). Matt is a graduate of Cornell University and began his career with ten years at Continental Can Company. Matt then served as VP HR with David Gunn at the NYC Transit Authority in the early 1990’s that rid the NYC subways of graffiti, tripled the mean distance between failure and restored the system to a state of good repair. Matt has held Chief HR officer roles at large, global organizations like Alcatel Alsthom and Vivendi-Universal’s Interactive Games group. Matt was the first HR/OD architect at NC start-ups: Magellan Laboratories, PERGO Flooring and GridSouth. Matt Sadinsky publishes and speaks frequently on OD, leading transformation, improving leadership and decision making through simulation. Matt’s paper on “Building a Culture of Compliance” at the World Forum for Energy Regulation in Athens, Greece in October 2009 was followed by the keynote address at the NCCCET on the importance of adding ET curriculum to community colleges. In 2012, Matt participated with the Dept of Energy – Electric Advisory Committee Task Force developing recommendations to assure system reliability through more effective talent management and workforce development. Matt and his wife have five children. Matt is an assistant scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 119 and served as a Commissioner at the National BSA Jamboree in July 2013.


United States

What draws you to the STIA conference?

So much of good organization development and leadership requires moving a team to adapt systems thinking. A life long student of change management and Elliott Jacques I am a first time attendee to STIA.

What are you hoping to experience?

Great discussions with some insight to breakthrough thinking regarding Careers and effective Small Business Models. Like minds finding simple solutions to complex issues.

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about how leaders build teams and consensus for change and how trade offs in Energy Technology, Power, the Environment, Policy and economics intertwine. I am passionate about how small businesses can redefine cities and families. I am hopeful that governments spawn more small business success and support making safe, clean, reliable power universally available.

How do you see transformation occurring from this conference?

I hope that a network of enlightened and impassioned thinkers and DO-ers really can lead change in some meaningful quadrants of the world.

What’s your bigger vision?

I am passionate about aligning resources to Light Up the World. In doing so we may see more Americans who know stuff about ET, Regulation and policy working in ET around the world than in the USA helping leaders in developing countries make sound choice

What needs to happen for you to evaluate this STIA+ experience as a success?

3 new relationships with insights into Energy Technology, Policy, Small Business and Strategic Thinking.