Natalie Denoyer


Natalie Denoyer

What draws you to the STIA conference?

As others are probably finding, recent mindfulness-awareness training is re-illuminating past engagement with systems thinking & dynamics topics, ranging from 'philosophies' to 'disciplines' to 'fixes' to 'transformations.' Mindfulness advises that there is no learning its abilities short of actual experiencing, so…

What are you hoping to experience?

A community that generates its own learning will request mindfulness, demand realism, nurture awareness, establish presence. New to many of us is experiencing a temenos-guided gathering of systems-trained people as a mode of growth in personal awareness (which minimizes 'veils of thinking') to allow for a more intuitive understanding of systems. Sounds wonderful, if a little intimidating, but remains merely conceptual until it happens!

What are you most passionate about?

Witnessing the varied approaches, but deeply shared core messages, that mindfulness teachers are conveying to individuals, community groups and professionals across metropolitan areas – to gently and wisely improve health & well-being primarily, as well as capacities for learning (students and families) and effectiveness (professionals and enterprises). An honorable, pithy, useful book is Fearless At Work: Timeless Teachings for Awakening Confidence, Resilience, and Creativity In the Face of Life's Demands (2012).