Scott Savage


Scott Savage


An enduring, independent presence in the Madison WI area and beyond. I support teams, organizations and individuals to adapt to the ever changing world and have been doing so for 3 decades. I live in the woods with my lovely bride and our creatures. Two male offspring have helped to teach me more than I ever wanted to learn about life.


Spring Green, WI United States

What draws you to the STIA conference?

I want to learn more about systems thinking.

What are you hoping to experience?

I am open to various modalities as long as I experience a good learning outcome.

What are you most passionate about?

I like to see people in organizations have the opportunities to thrive.

How do you see transformation occurring from this conference?

When i am able to more fully communicate, utilize and engage clients with systems concepts, principles and techniques.

What’s your bigger vision?

That organizations will engage in their necessary adaptive and strategic changes in ways that engage and support the development of their people.

What needs to happen for you to evaluate this STIA+ experience as a success?

I need to become fluent and comfortable with systems thinking principles, language and tools.