Siraj Sirajuddin


Siraj Sirajuddin


always curious + listener + jungian + influencer + game changer + poet + dreamer + nomad + pioneer + hybrid – all this and more. I keep on discovering the mystery in me & others


Washington DC USA

What draws you to the STIA conference?

This year its turning out to be a very interesting mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds. I love meeting new people and learning about new ideas and projects.

What are you hoping to experience?

100s of amazing people and their energy. I am hoping for non-stop interaction and learning.

What are you most passionate about?

conversations with people. listening to them and sharing my ideas.

How do you see transformation occurring from this conference?

Its happening for me now as I bring this event together with my crew and with the support of so many community members.

What’s your bigger vision?

STIA 2030 wins the Nobel Peace Prize

What needs to happen for you to evaluate this STIA+ experience as a success?

STIA + is an amazing concept in theory but needs participation from attendees and community members. So, numerically … I would say 100 attendee profiles + 40 topics + 4000 comments!! Energetically … I would say if STIA + is able to keep the interest of the community alive – before, during and after the conference and that leads to amazing work by our community … that would be a success!