Sri Parthasarathy


Sri Parthasarathy


As a software engineer I was always as interested in the flow of work as I was in the technical details. Though I was just another developer, I kept getting involved in the process. Most recently I have been focused on several area of passion: Agile Methodologies, Coaching & Facilitation, and DevOps. I worked for large and small companies and and moving from the long term employee identity to that of a consultant. I am a lucky husband and a father of 3 teenagers. I love to meet and talk with people. And I am obsessed with my dog.


Saratoga (in Silicon Valley), CA USA

What draws you to the STIA conference?

Systems Thinking, Temenos, Individuation and Agility. I have spent time with the S, the T and the A. And still working hard to hone my skills in those areas. And now it is time to learn more about the I. And more about the ME! Watching and working with Siraj has brought me deep satisfaction and alignment. He was there when I stepped into Agile. My first deep experience with the discipline of System Thinking happened with SIraj present. And Temenos has brought me so much richness. The 'marriage' of all these in one setting is exciting. I am not so sure which side of the aisle(s) I should sit on at this wedding. Honestly, I just could not miss it.

What are you hoping to experience?

I am thrilled to witness and experience moments of transformation and I can see that happening continuously at STIA 2013. I look forward to subtle and not so subtle changes in perspective, widening of vision and belief, and improvements in my implementation. I expect to be in a continual state of learning at the conference and to take that with me. All this adds up to a lot of fun!

What are you most passionate about?

Developing connections, sharing dreams, and being a catalyst in one another's progress. I love people. I love partnership. I am passionate about Agile and Lean software development. I am passionate about teams that come to life by continually learning and by serving the vision of each individual as well as an 'impossible' shared vision. I love to enable teams to move beyond whatever stops them.

How do you see transformation occurring from this conference?

The rapid development of deep connections and true feedback sources, will spur stronger understanding of others and stronger self understanding and self belief. I believe that people will connect with the community energy to drive to further clarify their vision and more strongly illuminate their path to that vision. I anticipate the wonderful mix of professions and passions to fuel something big.

What’s your bigger vision?

That this community becomes truly a living community. Alive not only at the conference but long after that. My personal vision is to continue to connect with individuals and organizations and bring them my ever increasing capacity to help them with organizational issues, especially in the area of software product development.

What needs to happen for you to evaluate this STIA+ experience as a success?

That partnerships, at various levels, are formed and work wonders long after the conference. That we all have great fun and experience our community grow as a learning organization.