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When I’ve opened myself up to the gifts of the universe, amazing things have happened. My serendipity is a mashup of people and experiences, of appreciation and forgiveness, of gratitude and humility. It’s how I found Systems Thinking, Temenos, Individuation, and Agility. Most importantly, my serendipity is about love. By opening myself up to receive the gifts of the universe, I have found profound and deep love. And, I’m giving that love back through my life purpose. Are you open to serendipity? Are you ready to receive the gifts of the universe? What’s luck got to do with it? Everything!

What is the format of this topic?

Conversation with a few slides

Where have you brought this to life before?

This is brand new for STIA 2013

Do you have the presentation on slideshare, haikudeck or prezi?

No I do not

Any chance you have this on youtube or vimeo?


What do you feel is the heartbeat of your topic?

I hope by hearing my talk, people in the community will open up their hearts and minds to receive the gifts of the universe and experience serendipitous moments of their own.

How could the community collaborate with you to build your vision?

I would love to hear people's moments of serendipity and how those moments changed their lives!

Are you looking for sponsors, funding, grants?


  • http://www.shiftmassage.com/ Kathy Jakielski

    Love this! I’m really looking forward to chatting about moments of serendipity with you.