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Unpredictability of Influence: Reasons Why?

There are many reasons why and when influence can occur. However, sometimes it fails. I think there are predictable reasons why influence fails. My model for establishing the basis for influencing outcomes explores the necessary and essential elements for successful … Read More

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Profound Change….Transforming the Inner City Into a Learning Organization

i will share the ongoing work of coalition building, teaching systems thinking, presencing, design thinking, asset based community development first addressing crushing new urban poverty and its associated concentrated disadvantage in a sustainable fashion. And in the course of this … Read More

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From One Question to Five Million Copies Sold: What Our Bodies, Ourselves has to Teach You about Transforming the Culture of Business

When I turned 70 last year, I felt my legacy was set. I will continue to contribute in many ways over the next 30 years. At the same time, I recognize that when I asked the first question that created … Read More

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Women in Leadership – A Systems Thinking Approach to Finding Solutions to the Issues

Women are consistently underrepresented at senior level in corporate, political and public sector organizations. In the UK only 2 women run FTSE100 companies and only 17% of directorships are held by women. Previous approaches to supporting women to progress do … Read More

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Transformation to Business Agility

Agile Transformation is hard, in part because it requires an identity shift for the people who make up the organization and their willingness to let go of ingrained cultural norms. Why would anyone want to go through this often traumatic … Read More

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Conserving Carnivore Communities across Northern Botswana

Northern Botswana has one of the highest diversities of carnivores in Africa. Recently, however, Botswana reported declining wildlife populations, increasing pressures from illegal hunting, and large scale changes in land use and management policies. In response to these reports, wildlife … Read More

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Going Feral: A Fairy Tale for the Inner Wild Child

Using music and personal anecdotes Going Feral explores the ways we unwittingly give power away and how to expand personal freedom by changing our inner monologue from one of powerless victim hood to one of heroism.

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Super Hero Self

Super heroes resonate as archetypes of human potential. They serve humanity through an expanded identity and systemic consciousness according to their unique qualifications–as such, they are models for us all. I will lead an experiential exploration of superhero and villain … Read More

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Sustaining the Eco-Soc-Env System

The whole world is an EcoSocEnv System. Mankind has evolved from a limited number of people struggling to survive to the species whose large and still growing social and economic systems dominate the Earth and its environment. The expansion over … Read More

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The Soul’s Meaning: Imagining an Education for Individuation

In today’s high-stakes educational environment where the Test reigns King, our model is an education for information, where knowledge is quantifiable and what counts matters most. Even in the world of mainstream psychology, where we should be studying the soul’s … Read More

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