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What is Systems Thinking and why should you care?

The session provides an introduction to the concept of system and systems thinking and begins to develop an understanding of the value of developing a systemic understanding of a situation leading to a strategy that enables one to ensure problems … Read More

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Presencing as Being in Care: A relational perspective on Theory U

I recently completed a book chapter in which will be published soon in which I bring a relational self lens to Schmarer’s Theory U. As we shift our understanding from the idea of individual self to seeing ourselves as fully … Read More

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Individuating A Workgroup, Team, Or Company From The Inside

When two or more people are organized to perform work for a company, they form a new soul separate from their own personal souls. In doing so, the soul of their workgroup, team, or company is imbued with similar psychological … Read More

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Design for Engagement through Play

At a time when many social institutions are suffering a crisis of disengagement, digital and social media are attracting audiences in unprecedented numbers. The magic ingredient? Play. In play, new possibilities arise, new relationships, new openings for action. People find … Read More

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