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Topic Description

This 2-hour [Friday morning] workshop will support deeper inquiry and hands-on practice in Emergent Learning, following the showcase presentation “What will it take to…?” Participants will build together an Emergent Learning Table around the framing question, “What will it take to transform our organizations through the application of systems thinking and organizational learning?” Accessing deep experiences gained in our own work, participants will share defining moments and real stories of breakdowns and breakthroughs in transforming organizations. This will be followed by collective reflection on patterns and insights that are emerging across the stories. We will then coalesce a set of the most salient ideas (hypotheses) to test and identify key opportunities to apply these through time.

The workshop can be a stand-alone for anyone who wants to explore our transformational journey together, as well as to better understand this particular emergent learning tool. We will also offer a subsequent workshop on Before- and After-Action Reviews, the iterative micro-practices that bring emergent learning into everyday application as the heartbeat of a collective learning process.

For those with a long term appetite for learning together how to transform organizations, participants may choose to initiate a self-sustaining community of practice that shares learning through the coming year and returns to STIA 2014 with new stories of accelerated learning and results. The EL Table Workshop will start with a brief introduction into the practice of Emergent Learning and will include a variety of examples of how this approach has been practiced a variety of settings, including vital mission organizations that are dedicated to systems change for a more prosperous. equitable and sustainable world

What is the format of this topic?

Workshop 2 hours on Friday AM (to precede a second 1-hour Emergent Learning Workshop on BARAARs on Saturday AM)

Where have you brought this to life before?

Many times with many different groups of people - in all sectors and around the world - who are interested in sharing what they have learned and in making tacit knowledge explicit, accessible and actionable for the good of their organizations.

Do you have the presentation on slideshare, haikudeck or prezi?

We will have a few introductory PPT slides that will connect this workshop to “What does it take to…?” the Showcase Presentation on Emergent Learning. These slides have already been sent to you by our partner, Marilyn Darling.

Any chance you have this on youtube or vimeo?


What do you feel is the heartbeat of your topic?

Anyone and any community who values the experience and knowledge they have gathered and who knows that sharing it will benefit others, themselves and the world at large.

How could the community collaborate with you to build your vision?

Emergent Learning practice is both elegant and powerful. Our community will recognize this approach, as Arie de Geus has, as a “blueprint for how we learn”. Through learning how these principles and tools work and through sharing them with others, the community will help us realize a world in which sharing and building on collective experience and knowledge is natural, fun and useful.

Are you looking for sponsors, funding, grants?

Not at the moment, though we would welcome the opportunity to do more research around the ideas we will be talking about at STIA.

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    I missed going to your group but I’m very interested in the topic. Do you have some summary of what emerged? And also access to your ideas? Thanks!